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Provide Help Each Month

Twelve gifts over twelve months helps to provide meals and support to those in our communities all year long.


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Who will you help?

As a non-profit organization, Second Harvest relies on philanthropic and community support to provide food and resources for those working toward a life of self-sufficiency. Hunger and poverty affect thousands of people in our service area each year. People find themselves in challenging situations and we see it as our job to provide them with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Help for Today:

  • For when dad is laid off from work, and mom become sick, and the family has to choose between paying medical bills and food.
  • For when cold weather arrives and a single dad with three children is doing his best to stretch every penny as far as possible, who feels the struggle of deciding between paying the heating bill and making a grocery trip.
  • For the senior who finds her disabilities making it harder and harder to drive, limiting the food in her home.

Hope for Tomorrow:

  • For the worker who turns down a raise because it would disqualify them from benefits, who needs help figuring out how to not sell themselves short.
  • For the mom wanting to get involved in her children’s education, but not sure where to start, or how to build relationships with their teachers.
  • For a family ready to move from surviving to thriving with no road map out of generational poverty looking for a community of support.

Your monthly gift helps us ensure that the people in our community who need help the most are getting it.